How to add a client in an agency account

  • Log in to your agency account at

  • From the dashboard, click the ‘Add New Client’ button from the sidebar on the left

  • Enter the name of your client into the Nickname field

  • Enter the email of whoever will be managing this account. If an agency is managing this account for a client then add in your account manager from your team’s email or if your client is managing this account on their own then input their email (login credentials will be sent to this email).

  • To add the business details select the 'Log In As'

Follow the set-up wizard which starts with clicking the ‘Add Business’ button


Complete Step 1: Add New Business Location. When finished click ‘Next’. If we auto detect your business on Google you will see a page that asks you to confirm the business is correct. If we don’t auto detect your business, it’s not a problem you will be brought to step 2.



Step 2: Add Logo. When finished click ‘Next’




Step 3: Add Review Site links for Google and/or Facebook. When finished click ‘Next’. We may have auto detected your business and if that’s the case we will have added Google as a review site for you. Add Facebook as a review site if you wish by going to the Facebook page and copying the URL from the reviews page. Refer to this tutorial if you need help finding your review site links.



Step 4: Send test email and text message. When finished click ‘Next’.

Your new business location is now added into your client's account! Need to add an additional location to your client's account? Refer to this tutorial.