We use Zapier to integrate Review Robin with your technology of choice (such as your CRM, invoicing, or book keeping software) to automate review requests for your customers. For this to happen, Zapier must support your software of choice.

Without automation you will have to manually upload customer lists on a regular basis meaning automation is the perfect solution to put your review requests on autopilot so you never have to worry about uploading customer contacts again. 


All You Need:

  • A Zapier Account (the free account works)

  • A Review Robin Account

  • An account for the software you would like to integrate with ie Quickbooks


Set-up Process:

  • Contact Support and request that you would like to set up automation using Zapier

  • We will send you the access link to add the Review Robin Zap into your account

  • If you need assistance, just let us know and we can help!

    Contact us now & get started with Automation.